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Common mistakes when writing a CV

I told to myself, never ever write an article about ‘resume mistakes’. But reading so many different point of view and receiving many resumes daily, I want to give my personal point of view, because at least one in a life we are all candidates.

So let us start from a simple question and first mistake: does it matter if you make a mistake on your resume? It does.

In fact, the quickest way to get screened out as an applicant is to submit a seriously flawed resume. I totally agree with this Top Nr. 1 mistake, do you know how much time on average a recruiter spend reading one resume? 2 minutes? 1 minutes? What if I will say about 30 second? Do not understand me wrong: this is just the first screening: a recruiter has some kpi’s to follow: and evaluate on criteria YES/NOT (sometimes, keep it in ‘stand by box’.)

In addition to grammatical errors, the biggest mistake is submitting a resume that doesn't match the job for which you are applying. Something new? Depend. I personally screened thousands of resume and for my personal experience, not always the candidate chosen by the company is that one matching the most criteria. I will write another time about ‘fit the organization’ vs job specification. Let say here that very generally if I am looking for a quality manager with specific experience in automotive and +5 years’ experience within the sector, knowing PFMEA, Control Plan, PPAP, SO/TS 16949 procedure & audit, FMEA; fluency in English and polish, if I receive a resume of quality specialist with 2 years’ experience within furniture sector with very low level of English, this is not matching and unfortunately I will not even recommend him for a ‘stand by box’.

As mostly of us know the power of social network and SEO for keeping on the top of any search engine system, try to imagine that not including keywords that match the job posting has the same importance.

Your resume should include the same keywords that appear in the job listing. Of course no lies, but just adapting or choosing right term to describe your experience and background matching criteria of JD. Please remind a recruiter is a normal person, that get tired in (sometime) repetitive job so if you are able to highlight some experience, role, project, you can make his/her day ;)

Now something that rarely happen, but personally I do not like, as for you as candidate and for me recruiter is equally loosing of time: I am talking about outdated resume which will make you look obsolete.

Haloooooo!!!Your resume should be updated for every job you apply for. Be sure to update your skills section as well as your work history. Check to be sure that skills, especially the computer skills, you list on your resume are current, again do not lie. If you haven’t had experience in design road map for new IT infrastructure and governance, simply do not write it down. Maybe you can deceive some less skilled recruiter, but in the end of the day, you will have meeting with the CTO….and will not look nice for you to discuss about something not true. Better is to adapt your resume describing some experience or skill which will help you to gain some results in the new position and be prepared to assert why you are the right fit for the position and which added value you can bring to the company for that.

Another mistake that sometime I asking to myself if a candidate is not ashamed to send a CV so meager of information. We are just normal people, not visionaries, we're not going to guess the contents of a function if you, candidates do not describe it.

And then…. last one (of course with such importance for me, but surely there are much more mistakes less relevant) not quantifying accomplishments: please avoid empty self-congratulatory phrases by quantifying accomplishments or providing other concrete evidence to support your assertions: in the end a company, a potential employer is looking to pick up a great contributor to boost up his/her business. Is mandatory give a clear vision of our value. I know that is ‘just’ a resume…but this is your business card until you will get the possibility to meet the client/recruiter for the next stage.

Do not waste your occasion, remind also that an headhunter is first of all a sales person….so if he/she can see your value but you haven’t been chosen for that position, surely he/she will try to sell you to another company. So help him/her to help you. Is worth!