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Guidi Consulting can help your organization in optimization of HR function by aligning it to your strategy. 
General services we offer:
- Search & Selection
- HR business consulting
- Head-Hunting middle and top manager
- HR due diligence
- HR process optimization
In today complex business environment, having an HR function aligned to company strategy is a great advantage able to improve whole internal processes. In each Country of the World nowadays, the request is similar:
- needs to improve their competitiveness by implementing specific projects to increase operating margins thanks to contain costs without changing their business model;
- needs to produce real results without prejudicing critical business processes and, above all, in a sustainable manner in time.
Guidi Consulting ensures:
- Functional knowledge, solid grasp of project management and business analysis in the international arena;
- Over 20 years of experience of its senior consultant and Business Partner, Mr. Ferdinando Lignano, who have helped many companies reducing their costs;
- The best interdisciplinary support thanks to transverse expertise in several key businesses;
- Access to an established and recognized capital of knowledge and skills
- A full cooperation with your operations team, aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the project over time using transfer of know-how.
Contact us for more information, we will be happy to discuss your needs and implement the best solution: kontakt@guidiconsulting.pl