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Why is worth to use a professional head hunter

First important lesson: head hunters are working for clients, not for candidates. Sorry for saying that but we are not a recruiting agency. We found the right fit for this specific job, this specific client, this specific company culture. We work for them and we are paid by them.

Now a short assessment about the market: it makes no sense to deny the obvious, that are thousands of recruitment consultants here on LinkedIn: for many potential candidates or people looking for a new challenge, but also for company not exactly get used to work with HH, this is a job with a bad reputation and to be honest rightfully due, many recruiters do not work in an ethical manner. Unfortunately, this is an industry with a lot of competition and reduced margins, but I use to compare the job of professional HH as niche profession, nothing to be compared with recruiting agency. If you are not convinced about that, you can stop reading this article right now, or you can continue and maybe have another point of view about headhunting. In any case I hope you will enjoy it.

So far, how is possible to recognize the quality of professional Head Hunter? There is no degree or certificate to became HH. What I can surely state that the best on the market are former senior managers in a company where they became specialist knowing the market, competitors, products, services, norms, regulations…. people. Many recruiters gained experience only in HR, they never had experience within a company, so is extremely hard to learn something if you never tried on your own.

But ok: I do not want generalized, just would like to point out that mostly of the senior/partner in very well-known companies within executive search business are formerly manager, director, VP, COO etc in a specific field. Do you agree they know their specific market?

Ok so let’s clarify some important points about ‘must have’ attitude & competencies:

SPECIALISTS. Nowadays there are a lot of generalist, probably placing much people…but if yours, is a particularly technical field can really trust someone who does not even have a clue what you do? Obviously not. Rely on the experts, it's just someone who works in your industry, or better yet just some positions, they will understand your needs and those of your company much better.

REPUTATION. You can start to check on LinkedIn. If you have heard from a colleague of some particularly professional, my advice is to contact them: even if does not work in your geographical area may have a colleague to recommend you. Secondly, look at their LinkedIn, how many recommendations and endorsements have? How many contacts? They post many ads? They post articles? In general, how active is their profile should suggest something about their competencies and approach.

FEEDBACK. This is particularly important point that often causes no very solid reputation of this profession: head hunters are all guilty at some point (me included of course). Keep in mind that this does not mean that there is not an answer/replay to your application: we receive hundreds of resumes every day, if we gave feedback to all we receive, we have no time for anything else. At the same time, if you have applied for a position and involved into the process (preliminary call, additional info requested, etc) a professional HH must give you a feedback, my suggestion: send a remind with a specific request, asking clearly until when you should expect positive or negative feedback. Simple.

TRANSPARENCY. This is one of the most often overlooked point. You should always be able to trust your head hunter, always. I have many candidates who work exclusively with me just because I'm honest and straightforward; if a head hunter does not want to tell you the name of the company for which he is working after you are qualified for the next step, be extremely careful maybe they do not have permission to work in the position and they just want to ‘sell’ you without having received commitment from the client….

PRO-ACTIVITY. Another good reason to choose your head hunter very carefully is to find that one who can give you exceptional value. For example, I have several candidates which I work proactively: I go myself to find them an opportunity, I do not expect that something will come out. A head hunter proactive will make the difference between finding the job of your dreams in a month or any job in six months. The head hunter will make you an interview, you would do well to do the same! Ask him how to recruit, how they selected candidates etc. If you know well your head hunter will have a new friend.

Now the crucial question: how much it cost a head hunting service?

Well of course, we do not do charity, we have a hard work to do, and we are entitled to fair compensation, you do not want to be paid when you work hard? Is the same for me, believe it.

The truth is that if you are a good candidate for the company, they will be more than happy to pay our fees. Personally, I use to be very creative and flexible in presenting possible compensation in accordance with type of company, type of business, dimension, etc.

Personally, I have refused some companies which proposed me to cooperate on conditions that are ok for massive recruiting agency or interim agency. My services are qualitative not quantitative oriented. There is a huge difference: a company not interested in investing in their human resources rarely win the Great Place to Work award. Similarly, to natural selection, if they are not willing to pay for your services, they do not deserve you.

I hope this article will clarify a bit your ideas about our World. If you have any questions, please contact me via LinkedIn!